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Football betting is about choosing the right bets and that's why Betting School, packed with betting advice, is here to help. Make your football betting count with Betting School.

Betting Advice - How To Research A Team Betting Advice - Bookmakers' Top Football Betting Coupons

Researching your bet is essential before betting on football. Study the form, know your team and pick the right bet. Inside Bet tipster John W looks at how to research properly.

As football betting becomes more popular than ever, there are some types of bets which are bettors' favourites. Inside Bet tipster John W assesses the most popular bets when it comes to betting on football.

Betting Advice - Football's Most Innovative Bets Betting Advice - Internet Football Betting and High Street Betting

As football betting explodes with more and more markets and types of bets, there is more risk but also more potential reward. Inside Bet tipster John W runs through the most innovative football bets.

Betting on football on the internet has become increasingly popular in recent years and even become a major rival to high street bookmakers. Inside Bet look at the pros and cons of each way of betting on football.



Betting Advice - Football Accumulators Betting Advice - How To Hedge Your Bets

One of the most popular options for football bets are surely accumulators. That is, choosing more than one team to bet on and combining the odds of all the teams to score a bigger win. What should you know about football accumulators before you place your bet?

When it comes to betting on football, sometimes it pays to make sure as many outcomes as possible are covered, to give you the best chances of winning. Inside Bet tipster Paul T looks at how best to do this.

Betting Advice - In Play Betting Betting Advice - Things To Remember

In Play betting on football has really taken off over the last few years. And it is completely understandable as In Play betting is extremely exciting and offers yet more chances of choosing the right bet. Why should you choose In Play betting? Inside Bet tipster Paul T explains.

How do you make sure you have the best possible chance of winning when you bet on the football? There are some rules and advice that it always pays to follow. Let Inside Bet guide you through the maze.


Asian Handicap guides, In Play betting strategies, how to make the most of free bets, learning how to read the form before betting - it's all here in Inside Bet Betting School. Make sure your football betting is the best it can be by getting advice from Betting School. It is an essential companion for betting on football.

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