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Betting Advice - Things To Remember

It is not necessary to become a professional gambler to improve your chances of winning more football bets. Before handing over the cash to the bookmaker, there are some considerations the informed punter needs to make.

Look for league / competition trends.

Getting to know the ins and outs of the league you are betting on is vital. For the punter who takes the time to research there are plenty of internet sites offering statistical analysis.

Overall trends can be very informative, especially if you intend to follow a league for the season and make successive bets. The more competitive the league, the more evenly the points are distributed and the higher the chances of the top teams dropping points. This is particularly important if you are considering to spreadbet on points totals. The weather and the stage of the season can also greatly influence results.

Generally, predictions can be harder to make at the start of the season as new signings take time to gel and promoted teams are something of a novelty. Fixtures and the footballing calendar are also essential tools for the serious bettor. Clubs prioritise certain competitions at different stages of the season which can hugely influence their performance in others. In Brazil for example, the clubs who dispute the Libertadores tend to start the national league poorly as key players are rested and the focus is on the international stage.

Keep updated with the latest team news

Insights into a teams style of play, goal threat, and home, away and draw records can be very valuable indeed. Naturally injuries have to be taken into account, especially where teams lack squad strength. Try to be aware of the teams that you consider to be punching above their weight and keep your eye on the games where they could be susceptible. Likewise, there may be teams who are unexpectedly further down the table that could be in false positions.

Perhaps, key players have been missing through injury or suspension whose return could turn results around. It is worth pointing out that even though the general rule of being informed is advantageous in the betting field, there are certain events that seem to influence games more. An example would be the exceptionally good ratio of wins a team records under the guidance of a new manager, even if the team has been struggling.

Form is a very important factor when it comes to making betting decisions. A look at the last four or five results can give an indication as to how confident the team currently is.

Experiment with the type of bet

The sheer number of different bets on offer nowadays can perhaps be a little overwhelming to the bettor and it is hugely dependent on the individual.

The most common type of bet when to comes to football is the accumulator. The potential winning return can be huge in comparison to the stake and this is the obvious attraction. The chances, however, of a six or seven team accumulator coming in can be quite low even if a number of low priced favourites are included. Indeed, even in a two match double, there are nine different result combinations. When you factor in the draw, betting on the result of a game is basically a three horse race.

Undoubtedly the draw frequently comes to the rescue of the bookmakers` especially in accumulator type bets. Betting on the game ending all square can often be a good bet in certain games in terms of value and the price will almost always be over 2/1.

Betting on the Asian handicap, on the other hand, eliminates the possibility of the draw. Depending on the disparity between the teams abilities a handicap is given to one of them in order to make the teams as equal as possible. Payout for a winning bet is normally around the even money mark.

Bet in running

This market has grown enormously over the past few years and offers the bettor opportunities to bet during the game. Watching the start of the game unfold can offer, although not always, an idea of how things might pan out in the second half. Naturally the odds are constantly adjusted, but it is well worth experimenting with this bet and testing your football analysis.

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