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In play betting offers the bettor alot more opportunities but discipline is the key.

There has been a transformation in the betting industry over the past few years and one area that has become hugely popular is in-play betting or betting in running. Until relatively recently, bookies did not accept bets on the outcome of a game once it had started. However these days, many bettors prefer to make their bets during the action and most bookies offer the opportunity to do this. Indeed, a common sight at televised games is the current odds being offered by the bookmakers which are advertised on the electronic hoarding. While inplay betting is certainly lucrative for the bookmakers the smart bettor is certainly able to find value:

Following the action

In-play betting is obviously a much better option when you are able to follow the action live. It demands an analytical approach to the game and an idea of how it is panning out. Key factors that influence the outcome of a game only become evident once the game has started. The tempo of the game, specific tactics and formations can be identified once the game is in progress and maybe completely different from the pre-game predictions.

In addition, injuries, weather conditions, bookings and sendings off need to be taken into account when betting during the course of a game. The odds will fluctuate after each major incident in the match and as time passes. Before the game a heavily odds-on favourite may not seem a good bet, but if the team concedes early there may be value in backing them. For a small stake the potential returns can be high when backing a team to make a comeback. Those, very few, who bet on QPR to win after being 2-0 down to Liverpool in the recent league game would have been handsomely rewarded!

Be quick with your bets

One of the tricks when betting on a live game is to react quickly to the unfolding events. It is essentially a race against the bookie to get the bet down before the odds are altered. The unpredictability of football and the fact that dominance does not necessarily lead to reward makes it a challenge. Sometimes it is intuition but over time and practice the bettor can better judge which games they are more qualified to bet on.

Laying off a bet

An experienced in-play bettor is very much like a stock exchange trader. They are constantly assessing the state of play and relative merits of different prices. Theoretically one could bet on all three possible results at varying stages of the game and make a profit. More frequently however, in-play betting can be used to lay off a bet that was made before the start of the game. For example if a bettor stands to make a healthy profit on team A, they may decide to back the draw and team B to guarantee a return and by following the game they may find more value.

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