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A glance at any football coupon, paper or internet, will reveal a wide range of odds offered for the football fixtures being played within that time period. A match where the home team is 8-15 to win against the away side odds of 4-1 would indicate is strong preference for the hosts, whereas 8-11 for both teams not scoring suggests the superiority of one side over the other. But do these odds reflect the true picture of the possible outcome of a football match?

Football match odds may strongly suggest a certain result, but before making coupon selections it is worth sparing some time in conducting a bit of research. For a team with 4-1 odds of winning a match, it does not inspire much confidence in their abilities. By glancing at the Racing Post in the High Street bookmaker, or by clicking on the match statistics icon on an internet page, the detail may reveal the outsiders to be completely out of form. They may have lost five successive games, conceded several, scored just a few and occupy a lower league position.

The problem is that statistics do not always provide the complete truth and may mask the underlying reasons for an apparent slump in form. Just as in horse racing where a horse may have raced on unsuitable ground, over an incorrect distance or around a less favoured undulating track, then so a football team may have recently played with a rash of suspensions, injuries or suffered a spate of contentious decisions. More in-depth investigation may reveal that the 4-1 against team is about to be boosted by some timely good news or that they been playing in-form sides. Only recently lowly Wigan were quoted by Ladbrokes at 10-1 in their victory against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, despite a good run of form culminating in defeating Manchester United in their previous match.

A good place to start any research is by regular watching of programs such as Match of the Day or the Championship on Saturday night. Sky Sports Soccer Special on Saturday afternoon is also useful for providing comprehensive analysis on football form. Remember that the commentators have needed some preparation time and they may occasionally shed some light on the reasons behind a team's performance. Recently, for example, a successful change in formation by Wigan or Middlesbrough scoring less than a goal a game at home are useful facts to note. It may also be that a key player returns the following week, or a sending off and ensuing suspension will take effect from the following match. Take note of these small but sometimes precious snippets of information.

Most football clubs now have quite a comprehensive internet site where the latest news is highlighted, and for European teams, accessing via Google allows for translation of the site. It is also worth emphasising that supporters' sites are a valuable source of tips, where match previews often give the very latest news of injuries and suspensions for both teams. The Google search engine will offer the most relevant supporter sites.

Another useful tool is to search the internet for the local newspaper for a particular team. Not only is there more in-depth coverage and analysis, but the comments section underneath each column may provide more hidden gems. A local news story may generate some adverse publicity about several team players which can seriously the affect form in the following match, especially where club suspensions are the outcome. There may also be a feature on a significant change to the backroom staff which has not been mentioned in the national media or an interview with the team manager may reveal a deliberate change in tactics towards a more offensive approach.

It certainly pays to study the underlying reasons for prevalent form rather than taking the statistics at face value. Win odds of 4-1 against or 8-11 on only one team scoring may appear to be very tempting and generous after devoting just a small amount of research time. Bargains are there to be found in the football coupons just by a conducting some homework.

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