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Within most coupons available on the high street and the internet, the customer is offered the choice of an accumulator, where one or more selections are allowed on a list of matches. These lists can be open ended or divided into sections from which there must be at least one selection. The dilemma for the punter is to determine the required number of selections for an accumulator balanced against the expected return from the initial investment.

With individual matches and first and last goalscorer betting, for example, the odds are normally fairly high and bets can be fairly simple as a result. In contrast, the weekend list coupons contain a long series of fixtures where the odds for a home win usually average at 4-6, a draw is 5-2 and the away win can be either side of 3-1.

Most companies also have a coupon similar to the William Hill 'Will Both Teams Score' , although odds are slightly more prohibitive than with the popular long lists. In a Premier League match on 14th April between Sunderland and Wolves, it was 8-11 for both teams scoring and evens against. Clearly for punters staking small amounts, the returns will be negligible for an individual bet, so a series of selections or an accumulator is the recommended option to guarantee a decent return from the initial outlay.

The overriding problem is to consider the correct number and type of selections which can offer the best chance of placing a winning bet. A correct score and first goalscorer bet can often offer odds of about 28-1 or more so only a small stake is required for a good return. With accumulators it is entirely different. For example taking 8 home wins at an average of 4-6 will only yield a profit of just under 60 to a 1 stake. Within 8 homes, a lot more research is needed and there will always be at least one team suffering a surprise result, leading to greater unpredictability in the bet.

By reducing the number of games selected to 4 home wins, the profit margins for a win are substantially reduced, 7.70 for 1, but the margin for error from the home teams is that much less. 4-6 implies that the hosts are warm favourites, but any number of factors may contribute to a surprise result. Narrowing down the selections to those where the home sides are least likely to fail may be necessary, but usually entails the need to increase the stake above the 1 level.

Similarly with the 'Both Teams to Score' coupons the odds are at best 11-10 either way and so either a substantial stake or several selections are required to derive a worthwhile dividend from the accumulator.

Conversely for away wins and draws, a modest number of selections are usually quite sufficient. With 4 draws averaging approximately 5-2 on most coupons, a 1 accumulator will reap a healthy 150, while the same number of away wins at 3-1 is worth 256. That is not to say that a multiple match bet has to incorporate the same type of selection, as homes, aways and draws can be mixed on a line. For example an accumulator with two 'banker' homes at 1-2 each with two away matches at 3-1 will yield 36 for a 1 stake.
skybet.com For some High Street coupons, accumulator lists are divided into sections such as Corals 'Weekend Section', averaging approximately 7, and where a selection is required from each. The sections comprise those where the home team is considered a clear favourite to the final section where the teams are evenly balance. Again any selection permutation is allowed per line, but the choices are restricted by the bookmakers to a minimum of at least one per section for the accumulator, and not the freedom of choice from the long lists.

Clearly there are endless possibilities for accumulator bets but as the number of selections is increased, the greater is the risk of the bet failing. It can be a case of weighing the merits of placing a small stake against the need to choose extra games to earn a decent profit.

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